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The Inspiration behind Merlin's Hope Rescue

Merlin, the King of Chows
January 15th, 1996 – June 6, 2011

Merlin's Hope Chow Rescue is devoted to the rescue and re-habilitation of Chow Chows and Chinese Shar-pei in Canada, with emphasis  placed on physically/mentally handicapped or those on deathrow.  Why Adopt From Us? We are entirely volunteer based and so are our foster homes.




Why Are Many Blind or Semi Blind?
Both breeds have genetic dispositions to entropian illness. Untreated entropian scratches the surface of the eye, often causing painful ulcers,  and when left untreated, subsequently can  leave the dog blind.  Often uncaring breeders and owners allow the entropian to persist, leaving the dog with permanent eye damage.  Entropian issues are always repaired once the candidate arrives here, however, we cannot reverse permanent damage that has previous occured.  All too often our candidates arrive here from puppy mill busts. From having lived in a filthy environment, bacteria often serves to perforate corneas, rendering the dog blind.
Not all of the dogs who come here are blind or disabled.  Plenty of candidates are not at all handicapped but find themselves in need of rescue for any myraid of reasons.


The Shelter Test

Shelters are mandated to give all dogs a standardized temperament test, before the dog can be released for adoption. This helps guarantee that dogs put up for adoption can tolerate the onslaught of human errors that they will be presented with.  Many sharpei and most chows fail these tests.  The nature of both breeds is not designed to respond favorably to these tests, which is most unfortunate because this failing of this test does not at all signify the dog to be unadoptable, however, in the eyes of the shelter system it does.  Many dogs are so traumatized by their displacement into a shelter that it takes many days for them to calm down and gain a sense of comfort before they are willing to interact with strangers.  Shelters often only have a couple of days, not many days. If the dog can't conform, in most cases the dog is immediately euthanized or worse in some provinces such as Ontario, local dog pounds are mandated that after 72 hours dogs are to be sold to institutions for research under the Animal Research Act - therefore Rescues remove a tremendouse burden off the shelter system and help these dogs into new lives..




Located in Eastern Ontario, Merlin's Hope Chow Pei Rescue services the corridor of Toronto - Kingston - Cornwall - Montreal - Maritimes, but our rescue candidates are sent to us from all over the continent.  We are a devoted group of individual volonteers who work together united under this banner to save the lives of chows and sharpei when ever and where ever we can.  We do not rescue for profit, are all gainfully employed. Our rescue program  relies on our own financial input. Our foster homes are comprised of wonderful, caring volonteers.


We work on joint rescue projects together with many other Chow Chow and Chinese Shar-Pei rescues throughout North America who practice ethical Animal Rescue. 

Our primary mandate is blind, physically or mentally handicapped or death row chow chows or chinese shar-pei dogs. We often have non handicapped chows or pei also.

Mentally Handicapped
When we say "mentally handicapped", we are referring to feral chows or sharpei that endured life at puppy mills. These dogs largely never have any socialization, are generally starved and abused by their handlers and have no cognitive relationship with humans.  We offer an excellent introduction, sensitization/ socialization training program here specifically designed for Feral/ highly unsocialized dogs. Without a socialization program, these dogs cannot possibly get adopted into homes.   


What is Animal Rescue?

Animal Rescue is the ethical rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned animals to a thoroughly screened adopter, to ensure the dog will be in safe hands for the duration of its lifetime.

Rescue is NOT selling of animals for profit. Rescue is NOT handing un-evaluated/ unknown animals over to unknown and unscreened homes. That is known as ANIMAL BROKERING and is no better than a puppy mill. The adoption fee should carry NO hidden charges and should be made clearly available to you by the Rescue.

Just  like responsible breed clubs and kennels clubs enjoy a code of ethics that they expect their members to adhere to , the year 2010 finally saw a code of ethics developed by the SPCA, The Responsible Dog Owners Association and the Humane Society to help clearly define the expectations of a Responsible & Reputable Rescue

-Provides necessary medical care and clean, healthy facilities.

-Spays/neuters all dogs/cats before placement when medically possible.

-Ensures all dogs / cats are healthy, up to date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative and discloses all information about any known medical issues.

-Requires an adoption application form and an adoption contract

-Screens all applicants before placement and may require a home visit

-Offers a truthful and competently assessed character analysis of the adoption candidate

-Requires an adoption contract which requires return of the dog/cat to their rescue if the adopter must relinquish it for any reason

-Prioritizes rescue animals from its own geographical area

-Requires a release form for owner-surrenders

-Understands the limits of its resources including financial ones; doesn't accept more animals than it has legal authority or space/time to care for.

-Provides humane euthanasia for dogs/cats too sick, too injured, or too aggressive to rehabilitate.


Currently our adoption fee is $400.00

This includes:

- All pertinent vaccinations up to date

- All known or obvious medical conditions repaired ( ie: entropian/ cherry eye, palate surgery, cruciates, etc.

- Surgical Spay/Neuter

- Health Certificate from Veterinarian

Often, the adoption rates for seniors or handicapped dogs is reduced.  Ask us!



 Click here to Read ADOPTION versus PURCHASING

Please contact us to see how we can help out!


Please note: Merlin's Hope is a small Rescue  run out of Prescott, Ontario. We are not a drop off center like animal shelters are, nor do we have a showroom of "rescues", for you to come by and browse at.

Most of our rescues are in safe keeping via foster homes. If you want to see any of our candidates, you MUST complete the adoption form. NO consideration will be given to individuals who do not follow this important process.

Thank you for your understanding!


Please keep your dog ALWAYS ID'ed with visible ID. We will never understand people who purchase expensive puppies only to lose it to the shelter system for want of a $5.00 ID tag. Mircochipping is not and will  never be enough to guarantee you the return of your dog. Plenty of dogs arrive here with chips that don't scan, or scan at unreadable frequencies.  Virtually 80%+ of dogs that end up here or in shelters are strays.  Please LOOK at your dog  right now. If it's not wearing VISIBLE ID, please order one NOW - CLICK HERE